Scenario - Bidder won the Auction

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Case# Listing Event Email to Buyer Email to Seller
5 Auction Buyer won Winning Bidders will receive email Seller will receive email
Editing Option -
Owner can change Email Logo and Email Footer Copyright under STORE -> Store Settings -> Branding Details.
Buyer Email -
1) Winner will receive email with subject – ‘Congrats! You've won XXXXXX’, Where XXXXXX refers to the listing title, also includes Winner Name,Winning Amount, Quantity bought,Shipping Details, Payment Options and Seller Contact Details.
2) winner can pay through the email by clicking on PAY NOW button in email.
Won auction.png
Seller Email -
Seller will receive email with subject – ‘Sold with a bid of $n.nn: XXXXXX’,Where ‘$n.nn’ is the Auction sold at price and ‘XXXXXX’ refers to the listing title, along with other winner name, Quantity bought and buyer contact details, payment options, Shipping details.
Seller won auction.png