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"Buy Now" is no different than online fixed price shopping. Though the difference may be that you are offered a lower price than online.

For Buy Now:

1) Log into your Facebook account using your login credentials as you always do 2) Go to seller's Facebook page 3) Click on the URL/Link for auction page 4) Select the Buy Now listing 5) Select "Buy Now" option, you will notice that in Buy Now only auctions there is no other option 6) Purchase confirmation - notice there is no auto bid option on this page, as Auto Bid has no role play in Buy Now. Select the Quantity want to buy.

   a) If you are a first time user then purchase confirmation will also ask for contact details.
   b) Check "Do not share in my Facebook newsfeed" box if you don't want to share this on your Facebook wall.
   c) "Quantity available" will only be shown when there is more than 1 quantity available in stock.

7) Facebook notification and Email Confirmation from seller about the bid will be sent. Email will also contain the payment mode

8) Save the Shipping Address. Check "Do not save this address" if you do not want to save it.

9) Purchase confirmation

10) Settle the payment either now via PayPal or later through the email confirmation received to complete the Buy Now cycle

How to create Buy Now listings