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Business owner has rights to Blacklist a buyer when situation demands.

Blacklist User

-Go to the respective listing where bidder needs to be blacklisted.
Blacklist button.png
-Blacklist the user by clicking on ‘Ø’ right side on the bidder name as shown above. After clicking on that pop-up window will open by asking reason, enter the reson and click on 'Confirm blacklist user'
Blacklist popup.png
-After clicking on 'Confirm blacklist button', it will redirect to the 'Manage Blacklisted Users' page.
-If buyer place a bid on any listing on your storefront or try to buy 'Buy Now' listing will not be allowed to place a bid or buy and will see this message.
Buyer popup1.png

Remove Blacklisted User

Go to STORE -> Manage Blacklist user
Manage blacklist.png
Click on 'Remove' button, user will remove from the blacklist. User now allowed to place a bid and buy the listings from seller store.

Restrictions on Blacklisted User

Action Allowed
Place bid N
Buy Now N
[[File:icons.png|100px]|100px|link=] Y
Ask a Question Y
Post Facebook Comments Y
Browse Listings Y