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It is the real time bidding where a user can place bids for the products. A single buyer can place multiple bids, even using the autobid feature. 1) Log into your Facebook account using your login credentials as you always do

2) Go to seller's Facebook page.

3) Click on the Listing which you want to place a bid.

4) Place the bid by selecting that listing.

5) Place a bid here

6) Confirm bid by entering the contact details

a. For first time users - contact details are mandatory
b. For existing time users - only confirmation is required

   Note: Check "Do not share in my Facebook newsfeed" box if you don't want to share this on your Facebook.

7) Once bid placed a confirmation message is shown

8) Facebook notification and Email Confirmation from seller about the bid will be sent. You will receive email and Facebook notifications when

a. Place a bid (email notification ONLY)
b. outbid
c. won
d. listing is closing soon
e. new listing is following

9) Enter Shipping Address and Save for future reference. Confirmation box will be shown stating your address has been saved.

   Note: Shipping Address is mandatory for the first time users but optional for existing users.

10) If WON, you will receive confirmation from Seller and payment link to complete the auction cycle