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BuddyBid is an online auctioning platform, integrated with Facebook to generate business leads and increase sales for business. Customers have complete freedom to create a listing, set an expected bid price, set payment method, and glamorize the product using a complete suite of supporting options, before submitting bid to the outer world. In short BuddyBid offers out of the box auctioning option on top of social media, where not only you can do business, but you can also tap your existing offline customers, generate new customers either by attracting them for bidding, liking, sharing (making a deal viral) or simply making them to follow a bid.

BuddyBid transforms Likes into Sales converting social fans into paying customers and qualified leads. This business model has a huge potential and it's just the beginning, so stay with us for more exciting journey

Introduction Crash Course

Before selling/listing there are few terms which one should be aware of. Here is a quick summary of terms which will be useful as we go along. This example is from one of our advertised auctions. Description of important terms (boxed) is explained below.

[bid picture here with squared elements]