While Many Modular Kitchens Are Being Done In Wood

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Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Perhaps it's not every day that you see a kitchen cabinet that makes you say, "Whoa! That's really cool looking," but the second photo on Adorable Home's set of futuristic kitchens might elicit just such a response. The set of cabinets and refrigerators aren't exactly transparent - light that emanates from the back of the cabinets allows you to see shadows of what's inside, while the cabinet exteriors softly glow. Meanwhile, the 10th photo on Adorable Home's list of kitchens from the possible future features what appears to be a set of cabinets installed like a strange tree. The cabinets are connected around a post via what could be porcelain or plastic branches. It's certainly a unique style and could be quite convenient if placed by the kitchen counter. No matter what someone preparing a meal needs for cooking, the necessary ingredients will always be at arm's length.

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