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President Obama said last night that he’s a "big believer in persistence." Are you? I am. For good or not, tenacity, perseverance, and sometimes just plain stubbornness mark my character. When you’re running a marathon and don’t think you can go on, you persist because you have hope that your legs will carry you over the finish line. When you have cancer and you don’t want to continue with chemo, you persist because you hope for a cure. When you’re in the middle of a hot argument with your lover and want to run screaming out the door, you stay because you hope for resolution. We persist. Like Sisyphus, we continue rolling that rock up the mountain, even when we’ve seen it roll back down again and again, because we hope. We hope. We hope. Note: There are obviously times when you should give up hope; and in cases of abuse or other dangerous or potentially dangerous situations, there’s no question that you should not only walk away, but run. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Why Should You The Best TV Shows? Do celebrity suicides prove that money does not buy happiness ?

Animal Farm, which is more warmly received today than when it was first published, was intended to depict a tyrannical dictatorship at its worst, thereby convincing its readers of the dangers inherent in a totalitarian government. However, he used farm animals in place of Stalin and the other targets of his satirical attack to lighten the mood, make the subject matter more accessible, and make his characters seem all the more dim-witted. Turns out that, when you examine their DNA and get down to the biology of it, there aren’t too many differences between a herd of pigs and an autocratic regime. If you’ve studied for or taken the PSAT, you may be familiar with analogies. Although structured differently when found in the form of a test question, an analogy is something that draws an often metaphorical connection from one thing to another. And that’s really what Animal Farm is - just one big analogy. In addition to the humor aspect of Orwell’s novel, this device also draws the reader in, as it is entertaining and engaging to spot and consider the parallels between the characters in the book and the real-life jackasses they represent.

As you may have noticed, we here at Shmoop have a similar philosophy. We know you’ve had to sit bravely through a number of classes taught by dry, humorless teachers who make time stand still and cause the potentially exciting material they’re teaching to become lifeless and dull. And we know that you’ve also had teachers who jump up and down (or at least seem to), make you laugh (or at least try), and just generally try to get your motor running. If those are the ones where you’ve learned the most - and we suspect that they are - then Animal Farm should be right up your alley. Author's Bio: Paul Thomson is an avid reader of English Literature. His areas of expertise include Animal Farm, biology, and PSAT. In his spare time, he loves to participate in online literature forums and promote reading for youth. Please Register or Login to post new comment. It's Time to Shine!

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